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Havens End is a unique four piece genre rock band with a very cohesive and hooky melodic sound, inspiring stage show, and an intriguing history. Dan Pfeil and Nathan Brack are the founders of the group and established the entity in early 2010. Dan met Nathan in 2001 through the then bustling local music scene in Phoenix Arizona. They were in different projects at the time, but soon crossed paths. They jammed together for a few sessions and wouldn’t meet up again until years later. The time arrived when each of their current projects were not working out as planned. Nathan later joined Dan’s group called One Last Peace as their second guitar player. Soon after the band reformed with a new singer and Nathan as the sole guitar player. The band was renamed and thus Havens End was born. With Frank Lanham as the frontman, Dan Pfeil on drums, Nathan Brack on guitars, and Paul Williams on bass this group is unstoppable.

Their musical influences originate from all genres and styles of music. The band has just finished releasing their self titled sophomore album, which hit online stores such as iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. Havens End is making a noticeable impact on the local scene and is now also expanding beyond that into new and unfamiliar territory fast.

These seasoned musicians have played with national acts such as, Evans Blue, Fair to Midland, Karnivool, In This Moment, Flaw, and Digital Summer to name a few. Havens End has had airplay on numerous internet stations and reputable services such as AMPZ Edge, XM radio, and have had radio play and interviews on top radio stations such as 98 KUPD in Phoenix Arizona. They have also appeared and have had press in numerous magazines such as NEW TIMES, No Cover Magazine, and more.

Havens End embodies an unequivocal, marketable, and awe inspiring music creating machine. With thought provoking lyrics and riffs, this musical group catches the immediate attention of anyone who listens to them for the first time and thereafter


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